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Nunton Farm

Milk The Whole Family Will Love

From Grass to Glass


About Our Milk

We take pride in providing the freshest milk from our free-range cows that graze on lush Salisbury pastures. Our milk is pasteurised to ensure optimal quality while retaining its wholesome goodness. Our whole, unhomogenised milk sets us apart from your regular supermarket milk, with the natural cream rising to the top, adding a rich and velvety texture to your beverages and recipes. Experience the true taste of farm-fresh milk with us!

Vending Machines

We've made it as convenient as possible to access our farm-fresh milk, anytime you need it. We have five vending machines spread around Salisbury, open and stocked 24/7, ensuring you never run out. To promote sustainability, we offer reusable glass bottles, reducing waste and preserving the taste of our milk. In addition, our vending machines also provide a selection of other local produce, including eggs, cheese, and honey, sourced from trusted local providers. Visit one of our vending machines and explore the diverse range of fresh, local delights on offer.


Where else can you find Nunton Milk?

Nunton is committed to supporting the local community, and this goes beyond our vending machines. We are proud to partner with several local businesses, farm shops, and cafes that proudly use and sell our farm-fresh milk. Our milk is expertly crafted into delicious and aromatic coffees or baked into mouthwatering cakes. These collaborations showcase the quality of our milk and strengthen the bond within our local community. We are grateful for these partnerships, as they enable us to share the goodness of our milk with even more people.




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