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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Your Questions

Do you sell raw milk?

No, we do not sell raw milk due to strict regulations and safety concerns. Our vending machines are not suitable for maintaining the necessary temperature control to ensure its safety. Our focus is on providing carefully pasteurized and quality-assured farm-fresh milk for the highest standards of safety and quality.

What is unhomogenised milk?

Homogenised milk has its fat molecules evenly dispersed throughout, resulting in a consistent texture. Unhomogenised milk retains its natural state, allowing cream to rise to the top, offering a distinct creamy texture and flavor. Unhomogenised milk is preferred by those who enjoy the traditional taste and the option to enjoy the cream separately or in recipes for added richness.

Do you offer tours of your dairy farm?

While we don't currently offer tours of our farm, we are passionate about educating our customers. We often share insights about our farming practices through social media and our website, providing an opportunity for you to learn more about our farm and the processes involved in producing our delicious milk.

Can I bring my own containers to fill up with milk?

We sell reusable glass bottles at the vending machines in 1 litre or 500ml sizes. However, some people have been known to bring their own bottles along to fill up (We've even seen an old gin bottle!); providing they will fit 1 litre or 500ml of milk, they should be fine to use at our vending machines. 

How often do you restock your vending machines?

Our vending machines are regularly restocked (at least twice a week) to ensure a constant supply of fresh milk and other local produce. We monitor the inventory closely and strive to maintain a fully stocked selection at all times. You can rely on our machines to be open and ready for your convenience 24/7.

Are your farming practices sustainable?

Yes, sustainability is a core value for us. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by implementing sustainable farming practices. This includes responsible land management, rewilding areas of the farm to create biodiversity, using solar power where possible and holding conservation surveys. We believe in preserving our farm and its surrounding ecosystem for future generations.

Are your cows treated humanely?

Absolutely! The welfare of our cows is of utmost importance to us, they are an extension of our family and are loved by us and the whole team. They are provided with a nurturing environment, spacious pastures which they enjoy for as much of the year as possible, and access to shelter, fresh air and clean water. Our cows are happy, healthy, and well-cared for, which ultimately contributes to the high-quality milk they produce.

Can I buy other local produce from your vending machines?

Yes! In addition to our farm-fresh milk, our vending machines offer a variety of other locally sourced produce. You can find items such as eggs, cheese, and honey from neighbouring businesses and farms, supporting our local community and promoting a diverse range of fresh, quality products.

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